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Ladydeep is a website about food, drink, and home appliances, kitchen tools. Our audiences come to us for their rigorously tested recipes, science-driven cooking techniques, powerful appliance reviews, and stories that provide cultural and historical context. history for the foods we love to eat.

Recipe Development and Testing

Ladydeep’s mission is to provide home chefs and food lovers with the skill set, knowledge, and cultural context to make every meal memorable — with or without a recipe. . This means that whether we publish a recipe or write a story about a particular dish or ingredient, we always want to answer the same basic questions: Where does it come from? How is it made, and why is it that way? And most importantly, who is the best person to answer or inform those questions?

Product and Equipment Reviews

Are you looking for the best coffee maker or trying to figure out which multicooker to buy? Ladydeep’s reviews and recommendations on food products and kitchen appliances are done by culinary professionals who test each appliance or food item against the competition. If we recommend it, you can be sure that it has been thoroughly tested by knowledgeable writers and editors who have actually used and abused the device for which they are writing.

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